Communications/ Creative Writing

All Levels / Grades 6 – 12

Students should possess a sincere interest in and commitment to writing.

On audition day, students should be prepared to:

  • Please bring 3 copies of your resume. Your current headshot (a small photo) should be included in your resume. Your resume should also describe the student’s reading preferences, favorite authors, preferred genres, and any writing accomplishments. This resume can be designed in a way that reflects your personality. This example template is just to have something to base it on.
  • Demonstrate technical knowledge by discussing the vocabulary of the writer in an age-appropriate question-and-answer session. For example, describe the difference between fiction and non-fiction or the use of simile, metaphor, and imagery.
  • Present five samples of student writing, including a variety of pieces such as poetry, short stories, essays, short film, social media campaign, graphic design pages, or plays. Please be prepared to discuss your portfolio with our teachers as part of your audition.
  • CCA is currently installing a new film and sound lab! If you would also like to submit a film as an audition piece (not required), you may bring a laptop to show it. The parameters are as follows: 1-2 minutes in length and an .mp4 or .mov file is preferred, but we can work around most other files. Students could also include a script sample (screen play or stage play) or story boards. Students should be able to explain their interest in film if they intend to focus on that while at CCA (cinematography/editing/writing).
  • Demonstrate creativity and writing skills in a timed writing exercise based on a given prompt. For example, “As soon as the aliens landed, they…” or “The big day was finally here, and now this? What a disaster….”

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