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All Levels/ Grades 6 – 12

Students should commit to attending rehearsals and performances outside of school hours.

On audition day for acting, students should be prepared to:

  • Please bring 3 copies of your resume. Your current headshot (a small photo) should be included in your resume. Your resume should also reflect theatre experience and any training or special skills within your arts discipline, as well as special talents such as singing, dancing, juggling, etc. This resume can be designed in a way that reflects your personality. This example template is just to have something to base it on.
  • Dress appropriately for movement exercises.
  • Perform from memory a monologue, speech, or poem of one minute or less in length. This piece must be from a published work. Movie excerpts or original work will not be accepted. Students will be asked to take direction on the piece presented.
  • Play theatre games and have fun!
  • Read from a short excerpt of a script with a partner.

Tips for Acting Auditions

  1. Please be on time.
  2. Introduce yourself and your piece before you begin. Then, step back, drop your head and when you look up, begin your monologue.  When you are finished, drop your head.
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