Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre applicants, scroll down to read some tips from our faculty for your audition!

On audition day:

  • Please bring 3 copies of your resume. Your current headshot (a small photo) should be included in your resume. Your resume should also include any experience and training in theatre, vocal music, and dance, as well as special talents such as gymnastics, juggling, etc. This resume can be designed in a way that reflects your personality. This example template is just to have something to base it on.
  • Sing from memory 16 measures of a song that best showcases the student’s vocal ability. Bring sheet music or an accompaniment track. If you are using an accompaniment track, please know the exact time stamp for your song cut. No a cappella auditions are allowed.
  • Perform from memory a monologue, speech, or poem of one minute or less in length.

Tips for Your Audition

  • Please wake up early enough to get your voice warmed up for singing.
  • Please dress appropriately for an audition/interview.  Look nice!
  • You are only singing 16 bars of a song, but be prepared to sing more if asked.

All Levels/ Grades 6 – 12

Students should commit to attending all required rehearsals and performances outside of school hours.

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