Visual Art

All Levels / Grades 6-12

  • Provide a current, small photo (headshot) within a brief resume with any visual arts training or special skills. You may email the resume with headshot to Please be sure to include the student name and fine arts major in the email.
  • Present a portfolio of recent, original work that demonstrates a variety of subjects, techniques, and media. Work must not be copied from other artwork or generated from kits or sets. Avoid presenting work solely completed as a school project, especially those made outside the realm of fine art, i.e. science fair volcanoes or social studies WWII projects.
  • All pieces should be show-ready (no wet work), and sturdy enough to withstand normal handling. Only white or toned paper (no lined notebook paper) should be used.
  • Pieces should be numbered, titled, and dated, and include the student’s printed name. Students may review guidelines, useful tips, and an example of a digital portfolio here.
  • Please email your completed portfolio to and at least one day before your audition date.
  • Be prepared to discuss works to communicate ideas, themes, and knowledge of composition.
  • During the audition, you may be asked to draw a still life from observation (approx. 45 minutes).
  • Commensurate with age level/ experience, candidates will be expected to demonstrate a working knowledge of compositional techniques and color (including value, hue, intensity, color schemes, and color temperature), as well as a working knowledge of shading, hatching, cross hatching, and wet media washes (ink and water).

BEGINNING / Grades 6-7

  • Portfolio must contain five or more pieces representing various media and subjects, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, and still lifes.


  • Portfolio must contain seven or more pieces representing a wide range of media and subjects, as described above.
  • Include a brief artist statement reflective of student’s work.

ADVANCED / Grades 9 -12

Portfolio must include an artist statement, along with the pieces listed below:

  • Three observational drawings: May include still life objects, portraits, and/or landscapes, demonstrating a wide range of technique and media.
  • Three two-dimensional designs: May include pieces which respond to design challenges, graphic design, fashion, and/or emerging media.
  • Three additional works: May include photography, mixed media, sculpture, film, observational work, 2-D designs, or a well-developed sketchbook (containing at least 15 pages).
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design.
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