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Click here to watch a special video produced by Hamilton County Schools featuring many of our beloved CCA dance students and their teacher, Ms. Jessica Laliberte Bowman.

NOTE: CCA auditions will be virtual this year due to the ongoing community health crisis. Applicants will receive an email with your Zoom meeting details.

Scroll down to read our CCA dance instructors’ Tips for Your Virtual Dance Audition.

All Levels/ Grades 6 – 12

Students must commit to attending all required rehearsals and performances outside of school hours, having the appropriate class attire, and participating fully in each class.

For an audition in dance, all students should prepare to:

  • Provide a current, small photo (headshot) and a brief resume with any dance experience or special talents. You may email the headshot and resume to Please be sure to include the student name and fine arts major in the email. 
  • The auditionee herself/himself should complete the Dance Experience Form, which will be included in the email you receive with confirmation of your audition date and time. Please submit this in advance of your audition date.
  • Students will NOT be asked to perform a prepared piece/ solo.

Students must audition in the appropriate movement attire, as outlined below:

  • Students should NOT wear jeans, sweatpants, or jewelry.
  • Students with prior dance training must audition in dance attire.

Students will participate in an audition class that will determine admission to CCA. Upon acceptance, the class will determine placement at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level—as detailed below. 

BEGINNER – No prior dance training required; students are accepted based upon physical aptitude and potential.

  • Students (boys and girls) should wear loose-fitting shorts or bike shorts with snug t-shirt.
  • Students with any prior dance class experience should wear their dance attire.
  • Dancers will audition in bare feet.
  • Girls’ hair must be secured neatly off the face in a ponytail or bun.
  • Students will take an audition class consisting of basic movement skills.

INTERMEDIATE/ ADVANCED – Students with prior training who show a proper dance technique foundation.

  • Girls should wear a leotard, tights, and soft ballet shoes. Hair should be neatly secured in a bun. If currently working on pointe, be prepared to wear pointe shoes to demonstrate pointe ability.
  • Boys should wear a snug-fitting t-shirt, bike shorts or tights, and ballet or jazz shoes.
  • There will be an audition class including basic movement skills, classical ballet, and improvisation.

Tips for Your Virtual Dance Audition

  • Arrive ON TIME. Be dressed for movement as stated above.
  • Auditioning on Zoom requires a device with a camera and internet access. A laptop or Chromebook computer is preferable.
  • Prepare your space so you have enough space to lay down flat on the floor and make a snow angel or X with your body.
  • Prepare your camera set up far enough away that you can be seen from head to toe, if possible.
  • Check to make sure your floor is clear of tripping hazards and that the surface is not too slippery.
  • If dancing on carpet, ballet shoes or socks may be preferable.

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