Click here to watch a short video about the CCA Dance program!

Click here to watch a special video produced by Hamilton County Schools featuring many of our beloved CCA dance students and their teacher, Ms. Jessica Laliberte Bowman.

On audition day:

  • Please provide 3 copies of your resume. Your current headshot (a small photo) should be included in your resume. Your resume should also reflect any dance experience or special talents. This resume can be designed in a way that reflects your personality. This example template is just to have something to base it on.
  • Students will NOT be asked to perform a prepared piece/ solo.

Students must audition in the appropriate movement attire, as outlined below:

  • Students should NOT wear jeans, sweatpants, or jewelry.
  • Students with prior dance training must audition in dance attire.

Students will participate in an audition class that will determine admission to CCA. Upon acceptance, the class will determine placement at the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level—as detailed below. 

BEGINNER – No prior dance training required; students are accepted based upon physical aptitude and potential.

  • Students (boys and girls) should wear loose-fitting shorts or bike shorts with snug t-shirt.
  • Students with any prior dance class experience should wear their dance attire.
  • Dancers will audition in bare feet.
  • Hair must be secured neatly off the face in a ponytail or bun.
  • Students will take an audition class consisting of basic movement skills.

INTERMEDIATE/ ADVANCED – Students with prior training who show a proper dance technique foundation.

  • Girls should wear a leotard, tights, and soft ballet shoes. Hair should be neatly secured in a bun. If currently working on pointe, be prepared to wear pointe shoes to demonstrate pointe ability.
  • Boys should wear a snug-fitting t-shirt, bike shorts or tights, and ballet or jazz shoes.
  • There will be an audition class including basic movement skills, classical ballet, and improvisation.

All Levels/ Grades 6 – 12

Students must commit to attending all required rehearsals and performances outside of school hours, having the appropriate class attire, and participating fully in each class.

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