Technical Theatre

The Technical Theatre major is available to students in grades 9 – 12 only.

On audition day:

  • Please be on time.
  • Please bring 3 copies of your resume. Your current headshot (a small photo) should be included in your resume. Your resume should also include any theatrical experience and special talents such as drafting programs, 3D modeling (Sketchup), sewing, familiarity with tools or electronics, etc. This resume can be designed in a way that reflects your personality. This example template is just to have something to base it on.
  • Bring or show 3-4 pictures of an original, self-made technical project. (Examples include: a costume, a set design model, a make-up design, a prop, videos or photos of lighting or sound projects, a state manager’s prompt book.) Each shot should show another angle of your project covering the entire piece.

Be prepared to make a short presentation of your project. This includes:

  • Discussing how it was made, what materials were used, and the overall design process. How you categorize your project: costume, prop, set model/design, lighting, etc.
  • The materials you used to create your project.
  • An explanation of the techniques you used to build each part of your project as well as the design concept. Include a written description of your project.

Students auditioning for Technical Theatre should be prepared to:

  • Commit to attending rehearsals and performances outside of school hours.
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